Author Guidelines


For the preparation of your manuscript, please follow the APA reference and formatting guide. 


File type

All submited files should be in Word (.docx) format. 

Word count limit

The word count limit for JRIHE research papers: 7.000-10.000 words (including references, tables, figures, appendix, etc.). Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.

Paper formating

JRIHE is using APA 7th edition. Please visit the Paper Format page to find out about best practices when formatting your paper. In addition, pay special attention to Sample Papers page, for retrieving sample papers for different kinds of student/professional papers, as well as samples of papers for different methodologies used. 

Tables and Figures

If your paper contains tables and figures, you need to prepare those according to APA guidelines. Please, refer to Tables and Figures page in order to prepare your manuscript well. In addition, you can visit Sample Figures and Sample Tables pages for a better overview. 

Tables and figures should be incorporated into the text rather than being presented separately. 


Preparing your in-text citations and list of references properly is essential in every academic publication. Please, visit the In-Text Citations and References pages to gain a better understanding of how to prepare your manuscript. You can find valuable information about basic principles, the proper use of parenthetical versus narrative in-text citations as well as what is considered to be plagiarism. 


The difference between an accepted and a rejected paper is often the use of proper style, grammar, and general command of academic language. We encourage you to visit Mechanics of Style, Grammar and Bias-Free Language pages and inform yourself about the best practices in this domain.

To make sure that language used in your paper is consistent and without grammar mistakes, we encourage you to undertake the professional language and grammar check of your manuscript before submitting it to JRIHE.